Winter 2014:  It's been a long, cold, busy winter, but the weather is always nice at Big Rock Performance Horses.  Lesson students and training horses are able to make lots of progress in their wonderful heated facility.  Danny has come back to further his education and is doing great!  It's shaping up to be a great year.

October 2013:  We had a great time at USDF Region 4 Championships in St. Louis, MO.  Gus was a champ about the trip, the extended no turnout stall time (5 days!) and amazing in the ring.  He was tuned in and gave it his all!  We were 10th at Third Level and 9th in Second Level, 1/2 point out of the ribbons.  I'm so incredibly proud of him, Hilda Gurney said we looked beautiful, and her score of 65.8% led me to believe she meant it!  It was a blast and I can't thank enough the crew that made it possible, from Kristy and Ashley, holding down the fort at home, to my travel companion and friend Britt, my family and friends for their support, Kate for all of her help and guidance and my unbelievable husband.  Gus and I could not have done it without you!

September 2013:  Full Sail went to NWDA Fall Classic with Stacey, Kennedy, Lesley and Baily.  Everyone did fantastic, Baily ended up Introductory Champion and TIP Intro Champion, Lesley had me ride her lovely OTTB Danny again who was his superstar self, pretty amazing for his 2nd show!  He won all his classes and was Reserve High Point Saturday and Champion High Point Sunday!  Go TB's!

Britt and I travelled to CSDEA Festival and Championships with Lukje and Gus, picking up Laura Myllyakangas' Dutch along the way.  It was a great show and Gus overcame many of his fears from last time he was there (Polo Ponies!).  He had consistent 63% at 3rd level, was 3rd in the 3rd Level Championship and Reserve Champion 2nd Level Open.  I'm so proud of him!  On to Regions in 3 weeks!

August 2013:  Full Sail went to the NWDA Fun in the Sun Show with Stacey (on Stella), Kennedy (on Poppy), Lesley (on Jim) and Baily (on Porter).  Lesley's Danny and my Dax made their show debuts and they were fantastic.  Always a fun time, many ribbons and laughs!

Britt and I hosted another Camp Big Rock for adults, it was a great time!  We focussed on shows: navigating the warmup ring, braiding, Kathy Sutton talked about many rules, membership requirements etc before judging the Ride-A-Test.  Britt and I really look forward to these!

July 2013:  We welcome Davenport (Dax, formerly Cody) to Full Sail Farm!  Dax was a trail horse and has the gaits and temperament to be a great lesson pony, he just needs some education.  Gus went to NWDA Summer Show, scoring up to 68% at 3-3! 

June 2013:  Gus and Porter went to Cooler By the Lake in Iron River, WI.  Sara rode Porter to several wins at first level, including High Point AA and TIP First Level and Overall High Point!  Gus finished off his qualifying scores for Regions at 2nd and 3rd level and was Reserve Champion High Point and earned the SWANA High Point!  We said goodbye to Effie as she headed to her new home in Texas! 

May 2013: Gus and I traveled with Britt and Lukje to Otter Creek where we met Kathy and Boyka.  We received 16 inches of snow on Thursday, Otter Creek had no power until Friday morning.  There was snow and slush everywhere.  Saturday's rides were all held in the indoor, with ice pellets raining down in the morning.  By Sunday afternoon all the snow was melted, it was 80 degrees and the bugs were out and all the rides were outside.  Despite the adverse conditions, we all got what we hoped for, including Gus' debut at Third level, a 65.8% at 3rd3 and one Q for regions.

March 2013: Another fantastic Adult Camp.  We had a great group and a fantastic time.  Thanks to Beth Wilson for the demo on Equine Massage, Charmaine Swan of Ashland Yoga Studio for the focus on our psoas, Kathy Sutton for the Vet talk and for judging our Ride A Test.  We look forward to hosting another this summer!

January 2013:

In Gus' first year of showing he ended up with a Mastery Award and a Premium Achievement award at Second Level from NWDA and was Second Level Open Champion for CSDEA, with an average score of 64.52%. Yay Gus!   

Camp Equestrian for Adults

November 2-4 we held a an adult riding camp at Big Rock Ranch.  Friday night was check-in with group lessons taught by Brittany Susienka and myself.  Then we had lasagna and wine and a presentation on uses of essential oils.  Saturday morning Britt and I taught private lessons including seat, pleasure and dressage.  Over lunch, Taryn Dentinger from Serenity Animal Acupuncture gave a talk and demo on Porter which was amazing!  In the afternoon Charmaine Swan, the director of the Ashland Yoga Studio had participants ride, then get off and do yoga mat exercises to target the psoas muscle, as well as balancing exercises, then remount and feel the difference.  Everyone felt they sat much deeper in the saddle. Sunday was more private lessons, including jumping.  The afternoon had USDF "L" judge program participants Kathy Sutton and Karen Graden judging a Ride-A-Test.  We had several participants riding a test for the first time.  Kathy and Karen gave excellent feedback and had riders re-ride a problem area which was a great learning experience.  It was a fantastically fun weekend and we are sure to do it again! 

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